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Prospective Students


Prepare yourself for a martial arts training experience that breaks the mold of traditional schools. Our program is distinctively designed for a more personalized and flexible learning journey. Unlike conventional martial arts academies, we do not adhere to a colored belt testing system. Instead, we track your progress through a specially developed scoring rubric, focusing on your training hours and skill development. The class utilizes solo and partner drills, white-boarding, group discussions, and video materials to reinforce learning.

What makes our program unique

  1. Exclusive and Personalized Attention - Our program is deliberately limited in size to ensure that every student receives personalized attention from our instructors. This focused approach allows for tailored guidance and continuous mentorship, ensuring that each individual's needs are met.

  2. Commitment to Privacy - We take pride in safeguarding our members' privacy. We create a secure and confidential environment where students can focus on their development without distractions.

  3. Quality-Driven Training - We employ diverse and effective training methods, including solo and partner drills, sparring sessions, white-boarding, group discussions, lecture presentations, and video materials. This approach ensures a comprehensive and high-quality learning experience.

  4. Family-Like Atmosphere - Our training group nurtures a warm, family-like environment. We believe in building a close-knit community where members feel valued, supported, and connected.

  5. Inclusive and Adaptive Learning - While our program is structured and disciplined, it also offers flexibility, allowing students to learn and progress at their own pace in a welcoming and inclusive setting.

If our program resonates with your goals and interests, we warmly invite you to take the first step. Simply click the button to access our application form. Please note, our enrollment is intentionally limited to maintain the quality and personalized nature of our training.


As a new member of our community, you'll begin with a comprehensive 90-day introductory program. This initial phase is designed to help you develop core skills and integrate smoothly into our training environment. During this time, we're not just evaluating your progress; we're also here to guide and support you every step of the way.

We understand that starting a martial arts journey involves more than just training. That's why we offer tailored recommendations on training weapons and gear. This ensures you make informed choices without feeling pressured to purchase immediately.

Embark on this journey with confidence and curiosity, and become an integral part of our martial arts family. Your path to mastery begins here!



Our program offers four in-person classes each month. The monthly tuition for these sessions is $160. To ensure you have the most up-to-date class schedule, please coordinate directly with the instructors.

All of our classes are currently at capacity, but we don't want you to miss out! Secure your spot on our waitlist today. Simply fill out the application form with your details, and we'll contact you as soon as a space becomes available. Stay ahead and be ready to join the action!



Elevate your learning experience with our comprehensive digital support system. Gain exclusive access to a rich video library showcasing core skills, and utilize our user-friendly mobile app for a range of valuable resources. The app provides you with class notes, review videos, microlearning courses, and a platform for community support, all at your fingertips.

Our digital offerings are designed to seamlessly complement your busy work schedule. With the flexibility to learn asynchronously, you can engage with our online materials at your own pace, ensuring continuous training and progress. Plus, our interactive chat feature allows you to receive personalized mentor feedback, keeping you connected and supported throughout your learning journey.

Hybrid Training Program
Our Programs


Yakan in 90 Days

The 90-day onboarding program is designed to help new students acclimate to their training environment. It covers fundamental skills as well as insight into our ethos, origin, history, and the legacy of the Grandtuhon Supremo.


This exceptional collection transcends the norms of typical class recordings. Each video in our library is meticulously edited by the instructor, ensuring a tailored and coherent learning journey.

Visualizing Flow Guide

This is an exclusive video guide, created as a companion to the instructor-authored manual, "Visualizing Flow: A Pekiti Tirsia Kali Training Companion," for Yakan and Lakan levels.


This cutting-edge tool allows students to explore the human body in intricate detail, providing an interactive way to understand vital points and their significance in PTK techniques.


Offering comprehensive insights and unique interpretation of the areas of learning in PTK. Delve into the terminologies, techniques, and core concepts for a thorough understanding of this dynamic martial art.


This is an emerging program that combines expert-led courses and community-driven events on shooting, ideal for those who are looking to enhance their skills in a supportive and sociable setting.

Mind Map Project

This innovative tool presents a detailed map highlighting the diverse areas of study within PTK, along with the specific skills associated with each area. It's an ideal resource for advanced students and instructors aiming to deepen their understanding of the art form.

Guro Lecture Series

This comprehensive 3-part program focuses on essential teaching and training strategies for instructors, providing the knowledge necessary to create effective PTK lesson plans that meet learning outcomes.

Teachers' Lounge

This virtual lounge is where instructors can exchange knowledge and continue to learn from each other. Must be a PTK-KDP instructor to access.


At the core of this offering, participants will engage in sessions dedicated to breathing techniques and meditation. Take a step further in your journey to self mastery by achieving a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.



Our hybrid training program is specifically designed for local students from the DC/MD/VA area who prefer small group private instruction. It's an ideal choice for motivated professionals seeking to balance martial arts training with their work and family commitments. If this program resonates with your needs, we invite you to apply by clicking the button below. Please note that our enrollment is limited, offering a more personalized experience compared to typical martial arts schools. After submitting your application, we kindly ask for 3-5 business days to review and respond to your application.

Application Form
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